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Wafer 2D+3D Inspection/Metrology System

  • Hi-speed3D Full Bump measurement、Bump Diameter、Bump Height
  • 3D multiple metrology system、support deepth/width ratio products (AR 1:7) μBump tall pillar 3D measurement
  • Various engineering analysis visual topography maps (contour maps, contour maps, 3D topography maps)
  • Automatic switching of multi-magnification microscopic detection system
  • Nanoscale Auto Focus System
  • Large-size wafer alignment system (Multi-View)
  • Recipe offline setting function
  • Multi-Thread image comparison algorithm system
  • Visual measurement system by using image measurement method to detect key dimension
  • Support CAD file import
  • Automatic calibration and inspection system
  • Customized report output
  • Fast loading and unloading (<10sec)
  • Detectable defects (Residue, Particle, Damage, Open/Short, Scratch)


  • OCR Function
  • ReView System
  • EDC Function
  • Real Time Process Status Display
  • SECS/GEM Compatible
  • SEMI S2 Certification
  • High Warpage Solution